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Holly Jerome | 25/40 | Demon | Amber Heard | OPEN

“Don’t call me that! I’m not like them, alright?”

✔ — enthusiastic, forgiving, affectionate

✘ — procrastinator, obstinate, sensitive


Remembering their human lives is always a tricky thing, for demons. In most cases, the only thing they are able to hold onto are their names, and in rare cases, what they’ve done to land themselves a special little spot in the pit. This is usually by choice however, and some demons refuse to remember anything other than what to introduce themselves as. A prime example of this, would be Holly Jerome. Her name being the only thing she knows, even though she hasn’t been a demon for that long of a time. Her experience in Hell changed her, but not in the way most would think. Spending time being tortured in the pit usually strips the humanity from a person, because that’s the point. It eats away at every little emotion until there is nothing left, but Holly didn’t let it. Instead of succumbing to the pain, she built up anger. She despised what the demons were doing to her, and who they were trying to turn her into. Holly managed to grasp onto the humanity that she had left, and looked forward to the day where the gates would open, and she could make an escape.

After a countless amount of years spent below, her day finally came, and she was above ground. Holly found herself a vessel out of a young girl who was wasting away inside of a hospital, and she was in awe of the world around her. Having to focus so much on keeping what was left of her, she had forgotten just how beautiful it was outside of the pit. She found herself in Wyndemere, California - and she couldn’t be happier. Having to build up a life from nothing wasn’t easy, but somehow she’s made it work in the three years she has been topside, finding work in the Icarus Bar and Grill. She has learned how to once again fit in flawlessly with the humans around her, and as far as she is willing to admit, she actually feels like a human again. Her optimism never having left her side while she was being tortured, it came back tenfold now that she was free. So much in fact, that she denies being a demon at all.

Holly flat out refuses to accept that fact that she is anything like other demons, not wanting to associate with people like them at all. She remembers how it feels to be human, due to all the work she put into keeping her humanity. Holly tries her best to avoid other demons who might bring up the irrelevant little fact, although it’s kind of hard to do in Wyndemere. The beautiful little city is surprisingly filled with a high number of demons, but she brushes it off. There is nothing they can do to send her back, hunters being the only possible threat she has to worry about. Although, being how she is, it’s very unlikely that a rational hunter would bother with her. As long as she can ignore the urges of violence that Hell has given her, she should be just fine.

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